# Location information

# Flood or landslide evacuation determination

  • Determine whether you should stay put or evacuate during a large-scale flood or landslide based on your selected location and the type of building you are in.
  • Select the type of building (wooden construction, non-wooden construction) and number of floors (the floor you occupy in the detached house or multi-unit complex) to display the result.

Please act on your own judgment

The result of the determination is based only on one hypothetical, calculated scenario. There is no guarantee that actual floods will occur as anticipated. Please act according to your best judgment while paying attention to your surroundings, including the weather, water level, and evacuation information.

# Tsunami evacuation timing

  • Display the timing of evacuation based on the anticipated arrival time of a tsunami caused by a Nankai megathrust earthquake.
  • Your currently selected location is your starting point. Select an evacuation destination to display the time you must begin evacuating in order to finish evacuating before the tsunami arrives.
  • If your evacuation destination is a location that will not flood, please select the nearest point to your evacuation destination along the evacuation route that will flood as your evacuation destination.
  • The required travel time is automatically set based on the shortest route to your evacuation destination. You can freely adjust variables such as the evacuation distance and time.

Please act on your own judgment

  • This feature does not evaluate the safety of the evacuation destination.
  • Think of the result as an estimate of the minimum amount of time you will need to evacuate before a tsunami arrives. When there is an actual earthquake, please begin evacuating as soon as possible regardless of this estimate.

# Flood

  • Display the maximum flood depth and flood duration (maximum anticipated scale only) retrieved from the map of anticipated inundation zones, based on the river and scale of the flood.

# Tsunami

  • Display the maximum inundation depth and arrival time of a tsunami caused by a Nankai megathrust earthquake.

# Landslide disaster

  • Display the designated status of landslide caution zones.

# Nearby refuge areas

  • Display nearby designated refuge areas and designated emergency refuge areas in the order of their proximity.
  • Select the type of disaster to display refuge areas deemed safe for that type of disaster.
  • The type of disaster switches automatically depending on the map. It can also be changed manually.
  • Stars (★) indicate the safety level of the refuge area for each type of disaster.
  • The distance and time are estimates of the distance from your selected location to the refuge area along the shortest route and the time required to walk this distance.
  • Select to display the shortest route on the map.

Please act on your own judgment

The shortest evacuation route displayed does not account for the danger of flooding on roads and other factors. Please check the safety of the route before you actually evacuate.

# Elevation

  • Display the elevation of your selected location.
  • This elevation is based on the Basic Map Information Digital Elevation Model (airborne laser survey) by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

# Location coordinates

  • Display the latitude and longitude coordinates of your selected location.
  • Double-click the coordinates to switch between different coordinate units.